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Claire Adams is a talented soprano and violinist of Spanish-Dutch roots with an early but promising career in contemporary music. She studied classical singing and violin at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Tilburg (The Netherlands), where she was awarded the Jacques de Leeuw Prize for young performing artists in 2019. Since then, she has had the pleasure of performing as a soloist in several renowned festivals - like November Music or De Link - and collaborating with inspiring artists and musicians to create new interdisciplinary projects.

Her unique way of blending her voice and violin into a different sound world takes the listener on an intriguing journey - sometimes soothing, sometimes maddening, but always mysteriously hypnotizing. In her performances, Claire likes to wander that gray zone between music and other performing arts, incorporating elements of theater and dance into her performances.

Claire is a core member and co-creator of the contemporary music ensemble ION Collective, which tunes into this genre-defying aesthetic to create new subversive experiences. She is also a core member of the duo Emphia, which creates music by seeking connection with the unheard voices of society. Aiming for empathy, Emphia tries to express their truth with its intimate and soothing sound.

Claire currently develops herself further in Music Hub Brabant's talent program, where she receives coaching from the internationally renowned soprano Claron McFadden. She is also following the bachelor of Philosophy at the Spanish Distance University (UNED), which supports her in providing her projects with a clear theoretical basis - making it possible for her to add relevant content to her artistic expression.

Since 2019, Claire has immersed herself in the world of music education, teaching singing and violin in several music schools in The Netherlands: "The process of introducing students to making music and helping them find their own voice has become very fascinating and inspiring to me. This experience has given me a lot of new insights, which helped me sharpen my knowledge and intuitions about music".