Claire Adams is a talented soprano and violinist of Spanish-Dutch roots with a promising career in contemporary music. She studied both disciplines (classical singing and violin) at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Tilburg and distinguished herself for her genuine musical expression, as well as for her experimental and reflective character. In 2019 she was awarded the Jacques de Leeuw Prize for young performing talents.

Characteristic of Claire's musical qualities is the way in which she combines the voice and the violin. It is this beautifully coordinated dialogue between the two disciplines that intrigues the viewer and takes it along in the music. The concentration needed to carry out this dialogue exerts a kind of magnetism on the spectator and creates an atmosphere that can lead to reflection.

Claire not only wants to make beautiful music, but also wants to add relevant content to her expression. She is interested in important themes that determine our daily life and wants to make them tangible in an artistic context. That is why she has been following the Bachelor Philosophy at UNED (National Distance Education University of Spain) since 2019. The program supports her in providing her projects with a clear theoretical basis.

In 2020 she was selected as a young talent in the Music Hub Brabant trajectory, which allows her to develop more deeply both in the artistic and entrepreneurial fields. In this context, Claire receives coaching from the renowned soprano Claron McFadden.