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Emphia creates music by seeking connection with the unheard voices of society, trying to express their truth through art. With its intimate and soothing sound, Emphia tells real stories of real people: their feelings of hope and grief, belonging and loss, gratefulness and regret. Its artistic vision is therefore deeply rooted in its aim for empathy.

Created by Dutch composer/guitarist Arne de Wit and soprano/violinist Claire Adams, Emphia usually takes a societal and participative approach to its artistic process. They actively work to connect with people who are too often neglected by society, creating songs inspired by their stories and helping them feel heard and understood. These songs are specially written for each one of them, and therefore they often lead to meaningful, almost cathartic experiences.

Gehoord Gevoel is one of this initiatives by Emphia, where the duo has visited several elderly homes in order to connect with its residents and listen to their stories. The artistic result of this project is a compilation of deeply moving songs, which they recently released in the form of an album: Door het wit. 

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